International Journals - Submitted

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International Journals - Submitted

Submitted Papers

† equal contribution  
  • Kyungjune Lee, Beom Kwon, Woojae Kim, and Sanghoon Lee, "Camera Trajectory Planning in Immersive 3-D Human Motion-Based Entertainment Contents", IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, submitted.

  • Jeonghaeng Lee, Woojae Kim, Chao Yang, Ping An, and Sanghoon Lee, "Towards 360 VR Sickness Mitigation: From Virtual Reality Eye-tracking to Visual Communication", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, submitted.

  • Seongmin Lee†, Jiwoo Kang†, and Sanghoon Lee, "3D Facial Shape Similarity with Deep Multiview Perceptual Representations", Pattern Recognition, submitted.

  • Kyoungoh Lee, Jungwoo Huh, Jiwoo Kang, and Sanghoon Lee, "3D Pose Similarity Quantification and Estimation in the Presence of Self-occlusion", Pattern Recognition, submitted.

  • Jungwoo Huh, Jiwoo Kang†, Jongwook Woo, Sanghoon Lee†, "A Novel Intelligent Video Surveillance System Using Low-Traffic Scene-Preserving Video Anonymization", ACM transactions on intelligent systems and technology (TIST), submitted.

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