International Journals - Submitted

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International Journals - Submitted

Submitted Papers

  • Woojae Kim, Sanghoon Lee, and Alan Bovik "VR Sickness versus VR Presence: A Statistical Prediction Model," IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, submitted

  • Kyoungoh Lee and Sanghoon Lee, "Information Theory Approach-based 3D Human Pose Estimator: Temporal Propagating LSTM Networks," IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, submitted

  • Jiwoo Kang and Sanghoon Lee "Selective Expression Approach for Facial Representation," Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, submitted

  • Jiwoo Kang, Seongmin Lee, and Sanghoon Lee "Competitive Learning of Facial Fitting and Synthesis using UV Energy," IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, submitted

  • Inwoong Lee, Doyoung Kim, and Sanghoon Lee, "A Human Instance-Guided Framework for Video Action Recognition," IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, submitted

  • Beom Kwon and Sanghoon Lee, "Human Skeleton Data Augmentation for Person Identification over Deep Neural Network," Applied Sciences, Major Revision


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