International Journals - Submitted

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International Journals - Submitted

Submitted Papers

  • Kyoungoh Lee and Sanghoon Lee, "Information Theory Approach-based 3D Human Pose Estimator: Temporal Propagating LSTM Networks," IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, submitted

  • Jiwoo Kang and Sanghoon Lee "Selective Expression Approach for Facial Representation," Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, submitted

  • Inwoong Lee, Doyoung Kim, and Sanghoon Lee, "A Human Instance-Guided Framework for Video Action Recognition," IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, submitted

  • Inwoong Lee, Doyoung Kim, and Sanghoon Lee, "3D Human Behavior Understanding using Generalized TS-LSTM Networks," IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, major revision

  • Beom Kwon, Jungwoo Huh, Kyoungoh Lee, and Sanghoon Lee, "Optimal Camera Point Selection for Searching the Most Preferable View of 3D Human Skeleton Pose," IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, submitted

  • Beom Kwon, Hyewon Song, and Sanghoon Lee, "Accurate Blind Lempel-Ziv-77 Parameter Estimation via 1-D to 2-D Data Conversion over Convolutional Neural Network," IEEE Access, submitted


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