International Patents - Registered

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International Patents - Registered


  1. Young-Hyun Jeon, Jong-Hyung Kwun, Sung-hyun Cho, Sanghoon Lee, Sungho Jeon , "Handover apparatus and method using relay node in cellular system", Samsung Electronics, Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University, (US8059545B2) (2011.11.15)

  2. Sanghoon Lee, Christine Irene Podilchuk, "Foveation-based error resilience algorithm", Nokia of America Corp, (US7679622B2) (2010.03.16)

  3. Sanghoon Lee, Sung-Hyun Cho, Sang-Boh Yun, "Handover for an OFDM wireless communication system", Samsung Electronics, Yonsei University, (US7729313B2) (2010.06.01), ( EP1608121B1) (2018.5.30)

  4. Jung-Shin Park, Sang-Hoon Lee, Beom Kwon,Seong-hyun Kim, Ho-Jae Lee, "Method and apparatus for acquiring synchronization between base stations in mobile communication system with distributed cell structure", Samsung Electronics, Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation,Yonsei University, (US9516618B2) (2016.12.06.)

  5. Young-Jae Lim, Sang-Hoon Lee, Jong-Yoo KIM, Hak-Sub KIM, Sang-Joon Park, Hee-Seok OH, So-Yeon Lee, Kyo-Il Chung, "Fitness device-based simulator and simulation method using the same", Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University, (US9866410B2) (2018.10.23)​

  6. Seonghyun Kim, Beom Kwon, Sanghoon Lee, Hojae Lee, Taeyoung Kim, "Method and Apparatus for Channel Estimation and Equalization in QAM-FBMC System", Samsung Electronics, Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University, (US9866410B2) (2018.01.09)​

  7. Sang-Hoon Lee, Mi-Sun Do, Sung-hyun Cho, Yung-soo Kim, "Symbol synchronization method for OFDM-based wireless communication system", Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Yonsei University, (US7426204B2) (2008.09.16.)

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